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Promoting, protecting and supporting the collective interests of the Tool, Die, Mould and Special Machining Industries of South Africa in continual support of the growth and development of all manufacturing sectors


To safeguard and expand the South African Manufacturing sector for the benefit and prosperity of all its people

International Partnerships

PtSA is a member of the International Special Tooling and Machining Association (ISTMA)

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What we offer


PtSA members have the opportunity to become part of the national and global network of TDM companies

Collective voice
PtSA regional executive committees co-ordinate inputs from members in each region in order to assist with formulating national strategies for engagements with government and authorities
PtSA members have the opportunity to participate in interactive dialogue with government and authorities regarding the development of the industry
The PtSA partnership agreement with government (INTSIMBI Future Production Technologies Initiative) facilitates dialogue between its own (TDM) industry and government

PtSA offers an international benchmarking process to its members
PtSA facilitates the implementation of productivity improvement programmes in member companies
PtSA, through the INTSIMBI partnership agreement, facilitates the funding of selected productivity improvements in member companies
PtSA, through the process of improving the competitiveness of companies, facilitates the growth of the supplier base for the benefit of the larger corporates, and in particular the OEM’s

Training and upskilling

PtSA developed a number of SAQA approved artisan qualifications and training programmes for the tooling industry
PtSA is a provider of toolmaking and machinist training programmes that ensure trained artisans are available to the industry
PtSA has accredited training facilities in Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal as the base for these artisan training programmes
PtSA short courses are available to its members in order to continuously improve the level of skills within member companies, and in particular with regard to new technologies


PtSA hosts regular Networking meetings in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal
PtSA has a large and comprehensive database which is utilised for the benefit of members
PtSA facilitates Business to Business (B2B) introductions
PtSA hosts an annual convention to facilitate interaction amongst members and to assist with the communication of developments in the industry

4th Industrial Revolution

PtSA facilitates the understanding of technology developments for its members by means of information programmes, demonstrations, publications and networking
PtSA represents the TDM industry at a strategic level in formulating policies
PtSA training programmes are continuously adapted to changing technologies

International connections

Access to over 21 Associations in 20 countries/8000 member companies
PtSA hosts attendance at International Conferences organised by ITSMA
PtSA organises Trade delegations

Sustainable development

PtSA facilitates opportunities for members to have access to information, training, workshops, etc. on sustainable development

Corporate facilities

Board meetings

Role and functions

PtSA promotes and facilitates improvements in efficiency, competitiveness and profitability of its members through the world class programmes offered by the Association

PtSA offers skills development programmes to ensure that the required skills are available for the members and that the existing skills within the member companies are continuously being advanced

PtSA offers and facilitates networking, matchmaking and information programmes for the benefit of its members

PtSA is facilitating the establishment and growth of the TDM sector across the African continent for the benefit of manufacturing

PtSA is the collective voice for its members to engage with government and authorities

PtSA guides its members towards a better understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the impacts of digital transformation on the industry and how its members should adapt to these technologies

PtSA facilitates opportunities for members to make use of its international networks through its membership and leadership roles of the International Special Tooling and Machining Association (ISTMA)

PtSA promotes the pathway to the future through sustainable development

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PtSA is the only Association which focuses exclusively on the TDM Industry in South Africa

PtSA has a partnership agreement with government to support the TDM Industry