TDM Powered

To address the Tool, Die and Mould sector’s need for a sector specific skills solution, a new competency-based apprenticeship programme, aligned to industry requirements and standards has been developed by PtSA in collaboration with international partners and the South African TDM Industry.

The TDM Powered Programme comprises four separate skills development programmes

    • TDM Powered Foundation Programme
    • TDM Powered Apprenticeship Programme
    • TDM Powered Master Toolmaker Programme
    • TDM Powered Engineering Programme

The principles of skills development innovation are currently applied with great success in the TDM Powered Skills Development Programme. More than 1 500 students of whom 30% are female and 98% from disadvantaged backgrounds have been enrolled or are currently enrolled at 15 training institutions in six provinces. These include a number of Tooling Centres of Excellence which provide students with world-class, state of the art training facilities.

More than 500 companies are involved in on-the-job training of student. The success of the TDM Powered Programme will produce the new generation skills sets that are compatible with the manufacturing environment of the future. The Programme aims to become the benchmark and guide the way for industry relevant future skills development in the manufacturing industry.

Toolmaker Apprenticeship Programme

This video highlights the pivotal role of toolmaking in manufacturing and provides information about the PtSA TDM Powered Toolmaker Apprenticeship Training Programme.