PtSA launches Medical Scheme

PtSA recently launched the PtSA Medical Scheme at a national networking event which was the first live event hosted by PtSA since the start of the pandemic.

PtSA has worked closely with its national partner Momentum to establish a medical aid scheme with variable options for the benefit of PtSA members and providing focused attention from a dedicated support structure.

 In addition to the Medical Scheme offered through PtSA, the Association is also promoting other services for the benefit of its members through our partnership with Momentum.

These include such services as pension funding, provident funding, Group life insurance, asset insurance, etc. to name a few.

PtSA is assisting Momentum to make contact with our members so that the service offerings and solutions offered by Momentum can be presented to the members without disrupting any existing arrangements or relationships that the members may have.

From this engagement with Momentum the members can make informed decisions of how to satisfy their requirements or as a comparison to evaluate their current service providers.

Please contact the PtSA office to arrange appointments with the Momentum team.

Medical aid launch