Robbie Deyzel Services the CNC Industry in Eastern Cape

Robbie Deyzel CNC (a division of Robbie Deyzel Engineering) is one of the newest members of PtSA and provider of general and precision engineering turnkey solutions to all industries. 

Loftie Deyzel, Director of Robbie Deyzel CNC, said the company was established in 2018 after seeing a growing need for a specialist CNC machine shop which also provides laser expertise such as laser cutting, welding and engraving in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan. The company has become a premier “one-stop-shop” for the engineering requirements of not only large multi-national corporations and SMMEs, but also for individuals. “We take pride in what we do and aim to serve the region with excellent engineering solutions,” Loftie added.

The Robbie Deyzel CNC team’s adaptability and commitment to delivering solutions-based services to all industries has seen them quickly rise to become a trusted name in the Mandela Bay area, partnering with market leaders in the Automotive, Engineering, Petrochemical and FMCG sectors.

One of the company’s state-of-the-art machines is the Novick Wire Cut EDM AR-MA series precise fast-speed wire-cut machine. It uses the instantaneously high temperature generated by spark discharging between electrodes and work-piece to remove the materials on work-pieces. The expertise of this design consists of an auto-feeding control system wire-winding system and circulation filtrating. Not only is it a very precise method for the right applications, but far better cost-effective than a method such as laser cutting.