Technology brings excellence to the mould industry

ISTMA (International Special Tooling and Machining Association) recently held a Webinar entitled Technology Excellence for Die and Mould Industry.

PtSA Western Cape made use of this opportunity to host a mini Networking Event, with PtSA members and guests viewing the webinar on our big screen at our facilities in Rosenpark, Cape Town.

The event, which was sponsored by Retecon, was the first physical networking event held by PtSA since the start of the pandemic, and was well-attended. PtSA will continue to host physical Networking Events in all the main regions to give PtSA members and guests the opportunity to network and matchmake, and also to socialise.

The Webinar was very informative with DMG MORI giving a virtual presentation covering developments in technology for the mould and die industry, including additive manufacturing developments specifically for this industry.

DMG MORI highlighted a number of factors that it considers are vital for the future of the tooling industry.

Success factor 1: Supplier network

  • Successful toolmaking companies develop and maintain a supplier network which increases and optimises their own manufacturing capabilities.

Success factor 2: Industrialisation of the Internal value Chain

  • Research has shown that the most expensive cost item in the manufacture of a mould is CNC Machining (Accounting for 35% to 45% of cost on average).
  • Reduce the machining costs by automating the machining process and by utilising the time 24/7.
  • Further factors to consider:
    • Productivity is Key—importance of 5 axis and high speed machines for improved productivity
    • Automation and lean manufacturing—increase the productive time available for manufacturing
    • Process safety—to enable automation, use standard methods for safe, precise and fast workpiece clamping.

Success factor 3: Master Efficient Technology Chains

  • Management of the production technologies such as:
    • 3D digitisation
    • Evaluation of alternative technologies
    • Automatic CNC Programme generation

Success factor 4: Use of Industry 4.0

  • Production Planning—using fully integrated systems
  • Preparation—CAD/CAM systems and simulations
  • Production—use of latest technologies
  • Monitoring—detect, analyse and avoid downtime
  • Service—continuous service and maintenance optimisation
Technology Excellence for Die and Mould Industry Webinar